What is Kynren - an epic tale of England?

Watch legends come to life.

A thrilling tale told on an enormous scale bringing vividly to life the incredible story of England’s last 2,000 years. This multi award winning live action outdoor theatre spectacular delights and dazzles the senses.

Join Arthur, the son of a mining family, on his spellbinding journey through time.

Watch Boudicca’s courageous but doomed uprising against the Romans and the clash of Viking and Anglo Saxon leaders at the battle of Stamford Bridge.

Experience the excitement of daring jousting knights on horseback charging at full speed, for the entertainment and merriment of Bishop Bek, the all-mighty Prince Bishop of Durham, and his colourful entourage.

Witness the future King Arthur’s magical encounter with the Lady of the lake and as he draws the sword Excalibur from the stone.

Step aboard Queen Elizabeth I’s royal barge as she invites Shakespeare to introduce to her some of his most famous characters, trace the bloody outcome of England’s Civil War and follow King Charles’ final journey to the executioner’s block.

Join in the lavish celebrations of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee and travel with the brave soldiers to the battlefields of the continent during both World Wars.

These are just some of the 29 dramatic scenes as Kynren takes audiences on a thrilling, action-packed and emotional journey through time. From the fog of war and the noise of battle to the heat of industry; from Romans to Victorians; from the lavish pomp and pageantry of royal ceremony to thrilling choreography, amazing stunts, equestrianism, special effects and pyrotechnics.

Each scene is brought to unforgettable life and enhanced by an original soundtrack by the award-winning composer Nathan Stornetta.

Book early to have your pick of 8,000-seater Tribune

Performance Dates & Show Times

Kynren is an enthralling live Summer family entertainment, starting in daylight and finishing in starlight!

Kynren is here to move and excite you this Summer every Saturday from 1 August – 12 September 2020.

Our start times get earlier as the summer months progress – choose the date that suits you accordingly.

Each epic performance is 90 minutes, with no interval.

More than 250,000 people have visited us since we launched in 2016, and we are proud to release the first set of dates for Kynren in 2020. Tickets sales for Kynren 2020 will open in November.

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2020 Dates

Saturday, 1 August 2020
Saturday, 8 August 2020
Saturday, 15 August 2020
Saturday, 22 August 2020
Saturday, 29 August 2020
Saturday, 5 September 2020
Saturday, 12 September 2020

Pricing & Seating

There are several seating options to choose from. Book early to secure your choice from the 8,000-seater Tribune.

Choose from these 4 price bands of seating, and choose your individual seats in our panoramic 8,000-seater Tribune. 

Remember, the earlier you book – the wider your choice of seat, and the closer to the action you can get!.

If you would prefer top book over the telephone, please call our Ticket Hotline on 0333 300 3028 (Please note, booking fees apply)


The Kynren Tribune



These seats are on the left and right hand sides of the Tribune. You’ll be further from the very centre of the action but well placed to take in the bigger picture as the whole spectacle unfolds.


You won't miss a thing in these seats as the action sweeps you from 2,000 years ago to the present day.


See it, smell it, hear and feel it: these seats will have you close to the heart of the show, just to the left of the central block. Get ready to be shaken and stirred.


Spoil yourselves, why don’t you? With a little more space between you and your neighbour, settle back into fully padded seats, slap bang in the middle of the Tribune for the most immersive, up-close-and-personal experience on offer. 

It’s not just a question of what you sit in and where it is, either. Your before-and-after treatment is all about ease and convenience: dedicated ticket and security checks, as well as fast check-out lanes for shuttle bus ticket holders, are all part of the package.

  • *  You will be sitting in raked, stadium style, plastic seats.
  • ** You will be sitting in raked, fully padded seats, with wider spacing between each seat.

Pre-Show Attractions

There are lots of things to see, so please do come early to ensure you make the most of all there is to enjoy before the performance! Just as Arthur does in Kynren, you too can travel through time at our pre-show attractions before you take your seat in the Tribune. 

Our attractions open at least 3.5 hours before the show starts across the summer and 3 hours before in September. 

The Viking Village and the Animal Croft will close 1 hour before the show.
The Georgian Shop and the 1940's Food Village remain open until 15 minutes prior to the show starting.

The Viking Village

Viking Village

Experience the more peaceful side of Viking life in the brand new Viking Village. Visit the cookhouse complete with its own vegetable patch and the woodworker’s cottage built into the hillside. Take a stroll along the stream and watch the sparks fly at the working blacksmith’s forge where you’ll be able to see real chainmail being made. Don’t miss the village’s animal inhabitants including the impressive Highland cattle and the curly haired Wensleydale sheep.

The Animal Croft

Animal Croft

Before the show begins why not take the opportunity to meet and greet Kynren’s cast of animals? Our two Durham shorthorn dairy cows love to meet Kynren‘s visitors before starring in the Georgian Harvest Festival and our imposing Percheron heavy horses can’t wait to say hello before they take centre stage as the Viking chargers. Our team of animal handlers will be happy to introduce you to the stars of the animal cast including our Kynren geese, sheep and friendly goats. They’ll also be able to tell you all about these and our other four-legged and web-footed thespians. 

1940's Bar - Food Village

1940's Bar - Food Village

Sample drinks and listen to music from a bygone era in the new 1940s-style bar! Travel back in time to the excitement of a post-war street party, complete with bunting, swing band music and bar staff in 1940s dress.

Enjoy a delicious selection of locally-sourced meals, snacks, treats and refreshments including chicken, hand reared pork sausages, fresh gourmet burgers, waffles, ice cream, sweets, cupcakes and much more. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options also available.

Georgian Shop

Georgian Shop

Discover a treasure trove of gifts and collectables from souvenir books, children's costumes and Kynren branded clothing, to artwork, toys and games.