Travel Tade

Situated in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, Kynren and The Park are easily accessible: a few miles off the A1, they are on the door steps of historic York, Durham, Northumbrian and the Lake District.

As truly unique experiences not available anywhere else in the UK, they would surely be a wonderful welcome additions to any tours you currently offer in the North East. Less than 8 miles from the A1, Kynren is a 90 minute group experience.

With so much going on in Bishop Auckland you can make a full day of it. Visit the Auckland Castle, Mining Art Gallery, Bishop Trevor Gallery, Auckland Tower, before joining us for the afternoon in The Park and the Kynren’s evening performance. You can also combine this day with the exploration of other gems in the region to create a full weekend for your guests.    

We offer preferential rates to those delivering domestic UK and international audiences as well as 

•    Exclusive complimentary onsite coach parking onsite

•    A complimentary ticket for coach drivers

•    A meet-and-greet service by one of our “Experience Team” members

For further information, please contact us at [email protected]